Monday, February 16, 2009

Taking Photos of Strangers.

So, I totally wussed out on this one, this weekend. I was supposed to take 3 photos of complete strangers that I met on the street. I thought about it for the 2 days leading up to the weekend, and thought to myself, how do I do this? I'm not particularly shy, but I guess I psyched myself out. I kept thinking about it, but when I did, I thought about how I would react if a stranger asked me if they could take my photo. Ironically, I hate having my picture taken, so I would say no. However, as I sit here writing this, I think to myself, that wouldn't be so bad, someone saying no, and me moving on. Whats really so scary about that? It's not that I put off the assignment, or that I didn't care. I was actually really stressed out about it all weekend. I even decided that since I couldn't work myself up to do it during the day, I figured that I would take my camera out to the bar with me and maybe talk to some people while smoking outside or something. That didn't happen. I think it was a mix between my nerves and not seeing anyone particularly interesting, like having a cool outfit or an interesting hairstyle I could compliment before asking to take their photo, which is what I figured my strategy would be. So, I still plan on doing this, next weekend, as I really want to get over this hurdle, because I know if I do it successfully once, it won't freak me out so much, and I'll look back at this blog and think about how I was stressed out about nothing.

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  1. Don't worry....I shot three people and then wussed out too.