Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shawnee, OH.

These photos are from a series I have been working on about former coal mining towns in South Eastern OH. These towns were formerly bustling towns with plenty of jobs and businesses. Now, towns like Shawnee have more businesses that are empty and falling apart than open. Out of the many times I have been to Shawnee, the only businesses open are the Desparado, a bar, and Whorleys, the local carryout. One person we talked to who lives in the house behind the highway sign said that "you can't buy a job" in Shawnee.

Ohio Windstorm 2008.

This photo was shot the day after Ohio was overtaken by hurricane force winds as a result of the hurricanes down south in September, 2008. This photo was taken on Kelso St. in Clintonville, and was just one of many streets made impassable because of downed trees.

Level 2 Snow Emergency.

This is from the snowstorm in March 2008. This was taken on Arcadia Ave. in Clintonville.

The Drake Motel.

This photo is from a series I have been working on of photos of the old motels and motor courts on Route 40 (the old National Road). The Drake Motel is right near Springfield, OH. It's amazing that these motels stay in business since more people take Interstate 70, and there's only a handful of motels out of many along Route 40 that have closed. An example of one of these closed Motels is the R&R Motel, pictured below.

Cheshire, OH.

This is the town of Cheshire, OH. In the background of the photos is the American Electric Power Company, which bought out the town in 2002. Here's an Excerpt from the Washington Post from November 12, 2003: "American Electric Power Co. (AEP), the nation's largest electricity producer, has purchased Cheshire for $20 million after years of acrimony with residents over emissions at the coal-fired Gen. James M. Gavin Power Plant, whose towering smokestacks are just steps away from their homes. Governments have purchased neighborhoods, such as Love Canal, before because of environmental concerns, but this is believed to be the first time a private company has bought an entire town. All but a dozen or so of the village's residents took the deal and left." Read the rest of the article here:

Alpha Portland Cement Company.

This is some of the remains of the Alpha Portland Cement Company in Ironton, OH. Apparently, it's also being used for people to dump their trash.