Monday, April 20, 2009

More Street Shots.


High St. and Hudson St.

High St. at Oakland Ave.

These are some shots I took on a long drive around Columbus. I pretty much hit up all sides of Columbus except for the South side. I also went to New Albany for the first time, which was one of the weirdest places I have ever been to. Everything is supposed to look old and is in the Georgian style, but everything looks new and fake. On top of that, everything is surrounded by a white fence. Not like a picket fence, but a horse fence. I guess I just don't understand people that want to live in the country but be surrounded by a bunch of people. I'd either like to live in the country in the middle of some woods, or live in the city. Another thing I noticed was the differences in the amount of people out walking around in different neighborhoods. People are always walking around on OSU campus and the Short North, but there were also a ton of people out walking around in the Mount Vernon Area, as well as areas in the poorer parts of the west side. As I got to the North West side, there were very few people out, and they were usually only working on their yards. Very few people were out in New Albany also. It made me wonder, what exactly they were all doing. Anyways, I feel like the shots I got were a little better because my brother came with me, and we took his car, which is a Diplomat from the early 80's. Basically, it's a big white hoopty car which gets a lot of attention from people we drive past. Because of this, more people in the photos appear to be looking at the camera, but they are actually looking at the car. Normally I don't get as many people looking towards the camera in my Rav4.

More Street Shots.

Short North.

Downtown, on High St. near Broad St.

Mt. Vernon Ave.

South Side, Front St. near Greenlawn Ave.

West Side, near Sullivant Ave.

More Street Shots.

West Side.

New Albany.

New Albany.


East Side, 5th Ave.