Monday, May 11, 2009

Road Trip.

Now that this class is over, I plan to keep using this blog for other work I do outside of school. This Saturday (May 16th), Dave and I are leaving to start our trip out west and back, and are getting married along the way. In Vegas. In a drive-thru. Anyways, I'm putting up our map and stuff now so whoever wants to see what we are doing can do so. These directions are not set in stone, but kind of a guideline of where we are going. I'll be posting as often as I can, but this site is kind of a pain in the ass to upload large photos to, so you can also check out my flickr site to see if I've uploaded stuff there ( If you don't see anything on either site then I haven't had internet access, which will peobably be the case for the first 2 weeks. So, keep checking back to see what we are doing. We'll be back on the 25th!

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  1. Have fun darling! I'm jealous!!!! And congrats in advance (just in case you don't get on here) on getting married. I really want to see photos of that drive-thru!

  2. Thanks! I'm taking a Diana also, so am excited to see what I get from that camera. I'm going to try to post in here as much as possible, but it takes forever to upload photos here compared to flickr, where you can batch upload. Congratulations on graduating Lauren!