Monday, May 4, 2009

Drive-By Shots.

I shot photos all weekend, which was great, besides not getting all the things done I needed to do! On Saturday I went with some friends to the Renaissance Fair at the Oval on OSU Campus. It wasn't very big, but I got a ton of great shots. On Saturday I went to the Buckeye Alpaca Show at the fairgrounds with Dave and my brother Graham, and took a lot of shots of all the alpacas there. It really made me want to quit my life and start an alpaca farm, but I don't think I'm ready for country living just yet. Alpacas are amazing animals however, they look so weird, especially when they have just been shaved. I didn't realize they were related to giraffes! Anyways, after the alpaca show I went out to do more drive-by shots and got some decent stuff. I think I'm done with the west side for a little bit, and am looking into different areas on the east and south sides to shoot. These are more of the drive-by shots. Ren Fair and Alpacas will be posted later. (I do have the photos up on flickr though at

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